Race pictures!  I've got thousands, so this is a small sampling in no particular order. 
Blue?  This car was dark purple.  Why does it look blue in pictures?  It was my 2004 mini stock.
This is what happens when you loose your temper. 
 I tore up the "Hopeless Opel" in its maiden voyage.
My first win!  1981 at Hialeah.
Hialeah enduros were very destructive.  Here #29 has just turned me around, but soon I returned the favor.
Outlaw Modifieds!  That is me in 7X blowing around 22 at Ocala.
One of my better looking cars shown at Speedworld, in 2004..
This was shot by Dave Westerman, a guy who gets a lot of credit for being a great announcer, but who is also an excellent photograpgher.
Purple and pink never looked so good!  This is my bent up old car from Hialeah, 1992.
The first of the "Bone" cars.  This Pinto was a tank!
Now that was a good night!  I won the feature in my first attempt at karting.
This is a Star Champ kart at Sharpes Speedway near Cocoa Florida.  It is the  toughest track I ever raced on, but it is also the only place I ever won a championship: The "Triple Crown" series in 1999.
My first try at road racing, what a blast!  This was the weekend that the Florida Mini Stock Challenge, FASTRUCK and the Sunbelt SLM series all ran at Sebring.
I bought this 4 Cyl. Bomber for my daughter to drive.  She was 11 at the time.  My wife also tried it out on practice nights.