Steven and MIchael got to try out 1/4 midgets in May, 2007 at Sharpes Speedway.  Steven had to be 5 years old to do it, so luckily he was 5 and a few days at this time.  They both did great!
Here is Robin and the Astronaut HS Electrathon car she raced on May 5, 2007.
Christian and Steven decided to load their racers on their haulers....just like dad!
       August, 2006
Michael got his first dirt bike for Christmas in 2007.  Look is electric powered! 
Here is Michael "in action" at Florence Speedway in SC during the summer of 2007.  This was an intermission bike race.
Steven and Christian are excellent helpers on my cars.  Here is Christian: he spent most of an afternoon under a Cadillac demo car with me.  Note the ratchet in his hand!
They can stand up under the car.  No lift required!
Here is the enduro car that Robin drove at age 11.  This was at the old Orange County Raceway.
Steven tries out the electric car.
Robin took a mini stock out for 3 practice sessions!
Michael drove the Strictly Stock for two long practice sessions on 9-16-10
UPDATED 10-17-10
Chrisitian had a new paint job for this night at New Smyrna's dirt track.
Some high speed karting at Hobe Sound!