4-17 Speedway
Steven drove the Wilkins TQ to a third place finish.

Here is a look at the former #85.  The new driver ran it hard all night and finished very well!

4-17 Speedway
This was a heck of a race!  Steven ended up second after a close and exciting battle.  
Race winner Rob Kohler and Steven meet in victory circle after the race.  Steven caught Rob in the last corners of the last lap, and put the bumper to his car.  Things got a wild, but Rob held on in a wild, fun finish.
I had to do a little body work to the Wilkins #11!
Check out the left front wheel: that powerful little car can pull it off the ground at the start/finish line.
Michaela joined Steven with the flag.
We put it together and Steven parked it in victory circle for the first time in a TQ.  
Gary Gimmler was on hand to help coach our driver to find a little extra speed.  It worked!
Marion County Speedway
Thanks to our bud Louis Brashear for giving Steven a day of practice in a dirt sprint!  He took it out several times and logged a ton of laps.  This was his first time in a wingless, dirt sprintcar.  Even though this was a vintage car, it has plenty of punch for this track.
Thanks Louis!  
Finishing our work at Dean Bartholomew's shop the night before the race.
We had 7 cars tonight.  Steven started 6'th and finished a close second.  Check out the result sheet: the best laps for the four fastest cars were with in 0.039 seconds of each other.
We finally have some new trailer graphics.
5-4, 6-1 and 6-15-19  
The rain has been playing havoc with central Florida, so this race took 3 weeks to fully get in.
On May 4, we showed up to race at Space Coast Full Throttle Speedway to race the "EL" tire class, but were informed that the class was no one else showed up for EL, so the track owner gave us a set of take-off Vega (open) tires and we were in business.   
Steven hit the ground running; he started in the back and won the heat race.  Unfortunately, the feature rained out.  

So we went back on 6-1 for the make-up feature.  Steven took the lead and was driving away, but with 5 laps to go, the left rear wheel flew off.  
Ok, so we were on to this weeks show.  Steven came from the back in the heat race and was fighting for the lead with the winner, but ultimately finished second.

As they lined up for the feature, and when the starter gave the field the "one to go" signal, lightning struck and the skies soon opened up, so the race was rained out.
On 6-15, I was out of town, so Steven finished up the preparations on the kart himself.  His friend Matt used his truck to haul the team to the track, and for the first time Steven was both driver and crew chief.

I wish I could have seen this race, but Steven said it was a heck of a race with plenty of passing and re-passing.  He took the win; his first one in the open tire class!

Thanks to Ray Rivers for lending us a set of take-offs.

Good news: Steven won the heat race.
Bad news: we got outrun in the feature and finished second.  Steven made it close on a late race restart, but we just have to pick up more speed.

Congratulations to our team mate Jimmy Wilkins for his win after an extensive repair/redesign of his car.
More pix coming......