At last!  I was back on track and kicking off my 2015 season on 3-21-15 at De Soto Speedway.  There were plenty of frustrations and disappointments in 2014, and I am anxious to put them all behind me and get back to racing and having fun.  Waffle House, here we come!
Despite and excelllent plan for success.....reality struck in the feature when I ran over something and developed a slow leak in the right rear tire.  It was down to 2 psi. at the end, so I got kind of slow!  Prior to that, I was running 6'th or 7'th, and was going pretty well.  Hey, I am glad to be back and am off to the next one.
I chased a few rain-outs in April, but finally got back on track on 5-16-15 at De Soto.  I had a good time and ended up 5'th.

More importantly, I broke in a new 4 wheeler driver tonight.  This was her first night at the races....ever!  Roslynd is a quick learner, so after a short lesson on the 4 wheeler, she pushed my car all night, and liked her first time at a short track.

My pit crew, and good friend Ron McCreary, brought over his enduro car too.

After a two month lay-off, it was finally time to go racing again!  This time my daughter came along to see her first sprint car race......yes, she was a little nervous!

It was a long night at the track.  Racing is a "hurry up and wait" kind of sport, and tonight was heavy on the waiting.   Oh well, I finished 10'th out of 17 and certainly enjoyed the good company.
Love this shot!
My brother David is supervising Steven's tire change while I talk to "the press" and Roslynd looks on.
Thanks to Robert Howell for another great image.
​Changes in the air!  2015 has brought new life to the homefront at Boneman Racing, and I am sure 2016 and beyond will be great.

We celebrated with a fun night of racing at De Soto: 19 cars in the house, and I crossed the finish line in 8,th.
There are too many black sprint cars in Florida, so I am going for a different look in 2016!
Our season ends at De Soto Speedway.  I had my best run of the year, and finished 6'th out of 19 cars.  Sure, five others finished ahead, but they were very high caliber racers, so I felt pretty good about things.  

It was a tough year on the home front, but I made it through....and finished 6'th in De Soto points too.

​Friday 7-31-15
Racing road trip!  Steven, Christian and I are on the road this summer, and our featured stop is Bowman Gray Stadium for a double-header weekend.  We are racing on Friday, and spectating at the Mad House on Saturday.  

On Thursday, we were in Charlotte to get the paperwork done at INEX headquarters, and to get fitted into the cars we are renting.  Since we were racing tourists, we also poked around at Stewart-Hass Racing.
​Steven was driving a rented Bandolero, and I was making my first start in a rented Legend.  Things could not have gone worse!!  Steven was fast in practice, and started on the outside front row for the feature.  He got "walled" in the first lap, the chain broke and he was out.

My race was no better.  I started near the rear of a 20+ car field, but after 1 1/2 laps a big crash broke out in front of me.  I thought I had it cleared, but the car behind me pushed me into the mess.  It poked a hole in the oil cooler, so both of our races were over before they started!
The brightest star at the Mad House, modified driver Burt Myers, stopped by to see Steven before the Bando feature.  Burt and I have a mutual friend, Richie Von der Heide, and Richie set up the visit!
This was my rented Legend, BEFORE the crash.
The next night, we were spectators for the modified 199.